Chloë Bijlhout, studied Fashion & Design at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute.
During this she went on an exchange to Nottingham Trent University. During her semester Printed Textiles here she completely fell in love with art of prints.

Now she is doing two courses at the Akademie Vogue in Amsterdam; print design on the computer and graphic design. So she can further develop herself in many ways.
Where she originally fell in love with the combination of screen printing and digital printing she is focussing now more on the digital printing aspect.

During her studies at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute she had to do an internship, she did at Swash London. A brand that uses own drawn and very detailed prints.
Another internship she did was at WE Fashion, a Dutch clothing brand, here she worked in the womenswear department. Her main focus was jersey, and with jersey t-shirts come the t-shirt prints. A few of her print designs where taken into production.

After these fashion internships a more diverse internship came on her path, a brand called Woven Wonders, with woven tapestries, plaids but also printed scarves. This was a whole new challenge, creating patterns for woven art as well as for printed scarves.

And now she is freelancing, searching for exciting new opportunities and cool collaborations.
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